Added Value


There are many compelling reasons to call on Lee Miller Associates to partner with you on a search for a new Head of School or other senior leadership position.

Defining the Position

Our team assists the Head or the Search Committee in defining the necessary roles and responsibilities of the position and desired qualifications of candidates. We develop a detailed written position posting and school profile in concert with the school leadership or Search Committee.

Finding Candidates

Although a school may have experience hiring faculty and staff, filling a senior leadership position can be very challenging. Ideally a wide net should be cast in order to attract the very best people. LMA is distinctly qualified to find and identify appropriate candidates through our global network of contacts. We actively search for qualified candidates who might not yet be looking for their next job. We also provide candidates with the confidence and security that their submission of materials will remain confidential if they so desire.


Vetting Candidates

Lee Miller Associates is expert in reviewing candidate materials and conducting preliminary interviews. This is a time-consuming, yet critical aspect of the search process. By working with us, a Head or Search Committee need only review candidates who have been pre-determined to be qualified for the position. Our search team is also sensitive to the situation of internal candidates, as well as candidates who are alumni or referred by current faculty, parents, or board members. Having LMA conduct the search assures all parties that the process is conducted in an open, fair, and transparent manner.


Guidance and Support

Partnering with Lee Miller Associates allows schools to receive expert guidance and support throughout the search process. This includes providing resources necessary to conduct effective candidate interviews and campus site visits, and ensuring that the decision-making process runs smoothly. We work closely with the Head of School or Search Committee Chairperson from start to hire to secure the most qualified candidate for the open position. We are usually available for consultation and frank discussion seven days a week, including evenings. We take on only a limited number of searches at any time to ensure that each search has the attention needed to be successfully completed.



Unlike contingent searches where fees are based on a percentage of salary, our retained search fees are a fixed amount, with the final payment due when someone is hired to fill the position. Therefore salary negotiations can be fair and transparent since our fees are not linked to any potential employee’s salary.



In hiring LMA to conduct a senior leadership search, school representatives do not diminish their input or ability to determine the direction of the process. On the contrary, we build a close working partnership with each of our clients.